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Situated deep in the heart of Texas, Austin is a city rich in culture. As the country’s 13th most populated city, it is home to a booming technology industry, distinguished educational facilities, unique attractions, and a fabulous array of eateries.

The city’s welcoming spirit lends itself well to its reputation for having some of the best entertainment around. Not only is Austin the State capital, it has also been dubbed the Live Music Capital of the World. Itís an ideal getaway for adventure hunters and relaxation seekers alike. From rock climbing venues, zip-lining excursions over rolling hills and concerts to rock your socks off to museums and five-star resorts, Austin has a little bit of something for every taste.

Like its residents, the entire city of Austin exudes a friendly, openhearted soul. It is culturally, ethnically, and politically diverse. Those who visit the city always come back for moreÖ sometimes even to stay!

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